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Who is this for?

The program suits a wide variety of individuals. It allows a new player to start under the guidance of a professional and also looks to assist current players in further their development. Finally, hockey fans alike can flip through the program to learn the finesse it takes to play the game.

What inspired this program?

Those who’ve followed Personal Best from the start know that it began as "Personal Best Hockey". Remaining true to what has made up such a large part of my life, I have always imagined growing the game of ice hockey, particularly in places like Northern Ireland where the game is less accessible. 

How do we grow the game of hockey?

The way to grow the game is to encourage adults and children alike to pick up a stick and PLAY. What better way to support this than by allowing access to the framework and lessons that allow all players to develop their game? This program makes getting involved in the game accessible and affordable - regardless of where you live.

What went into creating this program?

It took 9 months to: imagine, draft, build out, edit, script, and consult other players and coaches all while determining how to deliver the most comprehensive and progressive guide to off-ice stickhandling.

After this, we went on to film, upload, edit, caption, test, and LAUNCH Personal Best Hockey’s first skills program! This was a labour of love and we're excited for you to enjoy what we've created!

How do I register? 

In the main menu of the website, click or tap “programs” from the main menu. Once clicking “Learn More” and then “Join Now” you’ll be asked to create a login to the website. This is so that once you have made your purchase you’ll be able to save your progress. From there, you simply purchase the program and follow the steps. 

How does the program work?

The “Program Introduction” is a series of videos helping you understand what you’ll need to progress through the program. Beyond that, you’ll go through 9 modules over 33 days that progressively build upon what we’ve learned earlier in the program. Each day starts with lessons relevant to the day's worth of drills relative to the previous work and so we encourage you start from the beginning and work in a step-by-step fashion. The basics are important and are the foundation of which we look to build upon! However, if needing an extra challenge, we have ways of which we’ll show you how to do so in the program!

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