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Interested in getting in the gym with Kevin?

Since acquiring a personal training certification in 2020, Kevin has seen clients intermittently while also playing professional ice hockey. Now that he's retired from the game, he offers 1:1 and small-group coaching.

Whether you're new to the gym, or have worked out before but are looking for guidance and accountability, Kevin can support you in achieving your goals. This service is tailored to each individual and is designed to build your knowledge, confidence, and physical ability all at the same time. 

Personal training clients are accepted by inquiry only, pending availability. If you're interested in learning more, please send us an email detailing your goals and we'll be in touch to discuss your options!

Forest Sunrays


My son did an 8-week virtual training with Rainer this past summer.


Between the awesome workouts he designed for him using the TrueCoach app and Kevin’s personal motivational messages daily it was an amazing experience for my son.Mid July my son was in Dryden, I texted Rainer to see if he had time to meet my son, he dropped everything and not only met him, did a workout with him that day!!


Thanks Rainer, you are the best.

Mike Bailey / Fort Frances, ON / Program: Virtual Personal Training

When I first mentioned getting a personal trainer some of my friends said, “why pay for something you could put together yourself”? I did think they had a point.  Let me explain why this is money well spent.

I have always been able to get myself in good shape and race-ready. So why a personal trainer and why Personal Best?  Lockdown affected both my physical and mental health.  I couldn’t bring myself to get into the gym.  I didn’t have motivation.  That’s when I saw some posts from Rainer at Personal Best (instagram: @personalbesthockey).  I am an ice hockey fan but explained I didn’t need hockey training.  From the first email it was clear that Rainer listened to my needs. He didn’t push ideas, he listened and explained what he offered and how the training would be delivered.  We had an initial 1-to-1 over video chat.  I explained where I was at, what I wanted to achieve and the equipment I had. 

Personal Best then custom-designed a training block for me. We had daily checkups, adjustments, tips, and advice.   Using the TrueCoach app and a vast library of videos to help with technique, correct form, etc.  As my form and fitness changed so did the routines.  Rather than a one size fits all,  Rainer adapted my program as he saw me progress.  Accountability is a huge factor and having someone not only to encourage you but also give you guidance on form, technique, and progress has been so beneficial.  My mobility has been hugely transformed. Less aches and pains and almost zero injuries. 


Training doesn’t have to be in the best gyms and most people fail because they try too much too soon. I was using my garage, a few small weights, but most importantly body weight exercises and bringing it back to rebuilding, setting the foundations, and building slowly from the ground up.  In my head I was doing things the right way and I thought my form was correct.  Rainer pointed out small adaptations to make sure I was using the correct form to get the best results out of every exercise or movement I made.  


I would highly recommend Personal Best for anyone wanting help and guidance. Should it be mobility work, strength and conditioning, full-on weight training with correct form or hockey training.  Personal Best works with you, for you.  


I would like to thank Rainer for his time, effort, and professionalism throughout my time with Personal Best.  

Michael Regan / Belfast, UK / Program: Virtual Personal Training

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