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Becoming one's Personal Best is an ongoing process. In an effort to consistently grow, it requires commitment and surrounding yourself with people who support and encourage you.

When you work with a life coach, the intention is to help you get from point A (identifying a goal) to point B (following through on the actions required to achieve that goal).

In coaching sessions, we identify your strengths and the obstacles that are holding you back. We will explore overcoming these obstacles, new perspectives, belief systems, and personal values. In a sense, a life coach is a brainstorming partner, there to help guide you in an unbiased way. It is not their role to give advice, but rather, to help you connect to your inner wisdom and make choices that align with your highest potential.

What is life coaching?

When someone is living their life from a place of power - they’re taking full ownership and responsibility for their feelings, words, actions, reactions, and everything else in between. They have the mindset of a leader, which inspires the beliefs that fuel their habits. In coaching sessions, the intention is to help you achieve this feeling of empowerment so that you can take control of your life.

We can guarantee that after working together for 3-6 months, you will feel more power, freedom, and more like you than you ever have.

How is this different from therapy?

This is a common question, and there are some key differences.

In summary:

  • Coaches focus on present behaviours and the future. 

    • Therapists focus on issues from the past and how they impact our present.

  • Coaches assist in identifying goals in life and how to achieve them.

    • Therapists explore deep emotional trauma and uncover why someone behaves a particular way.

  • Coaches encourage immediate action and help create a plan to achieve results.

    • Therapists will explore underlying issues like mood disorders.

  • Coaches act as a sounding board to explore choices while empowering their clients to seek self-discovery.

    • Therapists are focused on working to remove pain and suffering.

  • Coaches and clients have a partner or team-like relationship with a lot of mutual conversation and sharing. 

    • Therapists offer a provider/patient relationship where the client guides the conversation.


Both will tackle complex issues and provide a safe environment for the client to share and explore. Both will also look at the narratives and limiting beliefs that may be holding an individual back from reaching their highest potential.

Depending on the individual, a person may want to see both a therapist and a coach.

Is life coaching for you?

Here are common challenges our clients are often facing when we first start working together:

  • Struggling to understand or communicate what they need/want (from a partner, job, etc.).

  • Feeling disconnected from their confidence, attraction, or sexuality

  • Finding themselves drawn to individuals or experiences which ‘are not good for them’

  • Repeating patterns that are not serving them, but not knowing how to stop

  • Having a hard time committing to parts of their life (a person, place, feeling, etc.)

  • Maintaining hyper-independence, not being able to ask for help, keeping others at a distance

  • Not feeling able to take risks, go after a dream, or use their voice

  • Feeling trapped in their life

  • Experiencing ongoing tension with their family or an issue from the past

  • Not feeling able to stand up for themselves

Coaching may be for you if:

  • You want to be able to express your “true self”, use your voice, and feel powerful in your life

  • You want to feel free from a challenge or tension you’re experiencing

  • You feel inspired to understand yourself in a deeper way

  • You want to rise as a leader in your local communities (family, friend groups, partnerships, career, etc.)

  • You have a specific vision for yourself, and you’re ready to work to achieve it

  • You aim to feel more connected to the world around you - to your loved ones and yourself

  • You want to achieve new levels of joy, freedom, and peace in your life

  • You want to break the patterns you feel are keeping you stuck


1:1 Coaching

Both Hope and Kevin offer life coaching (separately, not as a couple). Upon booking, please let us know who you are interested in speaking with.

Initial Consultation - 30 minutes

As a first step, we jump on a discovery call to discuss your intentions for booking a session and what is it that you are wanting to work through. This session is free and designed for both of us to explore fit and the next steps.

Exchange: Free

1.5 hours

In this one-time, 90-minute session you'll be able to receive expert guidance, tools, and support on one specific issue, or a range of topics. After our session, we will provide a report detailing our discussion, with additional resources.

Exchange: Starting at £100

12-week package
1 hour per week

Private coaching sessions to transform your mindset. Each weekly session is 1 hour, with a follow-up email documenting our discussion plus resources to support you between sessions. This is for the individual who is truly ready to change the course of how they're showing up in their life.


Exchange: Starting at x3 payments of £360

In some cases, we will create more robust packages for clients looking for more discussion, resources, and access - we're here to support in a manner that best suits your needs and goals.

We also offer a compassionate pricing model to select individuals who may not be able to afford coaching, but are passionate about putting in the work and making big changes in their life. If you're eager to take on life coaching, but may not be in the financial position to do so at this time, please reach out and explain your circumstances. We can work together to create a plan that works for you.

Image by Nong V


I first reached out to Kevin in august 2022. I was lost, my mum had been very unwell the year before and I had a lot placed on my shoulders. She landed in hospital and things got bad. I was the main carer for her but also looking after my other family members and life got tough. Every time someone asked how I was my answer was ‘I’m getting there’ or ‘What can you do, you just have to get on with it’. Was I really getting there or getting on with it though? No, not really…I believe I was avoiding dealing with it mentally.


The thoughts of my mum being in such a dark mental state was tough, it still haunts me. Every time my phone rings and I see its mum or family members calling, my mind still automatically thinks somethings wrong. Even though she is in a much better place now, my mind automatically goes to the worst scenario.


It all caught up with me, I gained a lot of weight, I had zero motivation, I was depressed and although I have dealt with anxiety and depression all my life, I had never felt such a lack of motivation before. I just couldn’t get shit done; I didn’t have it in me. It was such a crazy and vicious circle. It’s time to make changes before this rabbit hole gets even darker…


What do I do? I tried lifeline as their counselling had worked in the past, but it didn’t help this time. Doctors just wanted to give more meds, but I already rattle when I walk with the amount of medication I am on so I didn’t really want that. Then I remembered one of my idols did some coaching and had a good understanding of mental health. So, I reached out to my favourite player of my favourite ice hockey team, the incredible #22 Kevin Raine of the Belfast Giants.


From the first time we spoke I felt like Kevin had my back, I wasn’t fighting this alone. I felt he understood what I was going through, he was compassionate and understanding. I felt like he wanted to help me succeed. It was exciting to spark up a new partnership, we were and still are teammates. Not only that, but I feel I have made a friend for life!


Kevin and I set realistic goals, we spoke via video call every two weeks but also stayed connected via messages. I checked in daily and let him know how I was doing, and he was always excited for me when things went well. If they didn’t go great, he helped me reset and try again. We had many deep conversations, and I placed my trust in him 100%. He helped me achieve more than I had done in a long time. My mindset was slowly changing, I was and still am feeling more positive than I was back in august. I feel I am dealing with things better, and when I’m not feeling great, I’m able to acknowledge it isn’t the end of the world and reset myself.


He gave me access to a library of videos on his YouTube channel that helped me in terms of exercises and how to work some machines at the gym. He helped me with any questions I had regarding diet, exercise or life in general. He was a great teammate in every possible way and was able to help me navigate my way through any difficulties I was having.


I’m writing this at the end of December, I have had to take a little break to give myself some financial breathing space.  I’m feeling happier, I know how to use machines at the gym and my diet is a lot better (except over Christmas lol!). I’m making smarter life choices; I’m thinking about my future and what I can do now to benefit me later. I’ve had the confidence to get some guitar lessons. I’m feeling more positive about life in general. Most of all I am thankful for the people I have around me, that includes Kevin and I will finish off with a note to the man himself.


Kevin, I can’t thank you enough for the kindness, understanding and love you have shown me. You are an amazing human being, and your friends, family and fans are so proud of you and the work you are doing. Taking on other people’s issues isn’t an easy task yet you succeed in changing lives. It takes a special person to do that. Life is currently throwing some difficult punches in your direction, yet you are still generously helping others.


Retirement isn’t an easy thing for anyone, especially when it comes too soon. We have laughed with you, cheered for you, and we have also shed tears for you. Most importantly we love you. You are everything a Belfast Giant should be but more importantly you are everything we should strive to be as human beings. Thank you for your dedication not only to our club, but to our people. Though life might not be easy now, there is no doubt in my mind that there is brighter days ahead for you. Keep striving to be your ‘Personal best’ because ‘We ain’t finished’.

- Stephen Mills / Belfast, UK / Program: Mentorship & Accountability Coaching

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