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Off-Ice Stickhandling 1O1

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Welcome to Off-Ice Stickhandling 101! 225+ videos over the course of 33 days with daily lessons and drills to incorporate into your off-ice training. This program was built with the intention of creating an “A-Z” of off-ice stickhandling, with an emphasis on progression capturing all the necessary foundational elements to carry you through the program toward developing elite-level skills. The program is done at your own pace and sees that once purchased, you will have immediate access to the entire list of lessons. This allows you to see what is in store ahead if you’re eager while working progressively through your lessons. I am excited to deliver what I feel is the most comprehensive stickhandling program I could have created. Having made the initial concept and framework in June 2022 — this program has been in a constant state of development and evolution for the last nine months. As a result of my commitment and dedication to capturing the essence of this stickhandling, I can confidently say that this program contains every bit of knowledge needed to start, learn, or excel in your off-ice development. This program is designed to make hockey accessible and affordable. Whether you're brand new to hockey, a current hockey player working to finesse their skills, or a fan looking to learn more about the game -- this program is loaded with information that will guide you toward your very own Personal Best.


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