Personal Best Hockey will provide on-ice sessions and camps to children and people of all ages and skill levels. Gear will be provided to those who don't have gear of their own, and I expect that most joining me on the ice will be playing for their first time. I want to see everyone has the opportunity to play the game of ice hockey.


Remembering how much I looked up to my idols, remembering what it was like watching Dryden Ice Dogs hockey as a kid, and remembering watching my favourite players on TV.   Recalling the school visits as I played junior hockey myself: I realised that I was on my way to becoming who I looked up to as a child. Now, although still so much to learn: I'm no longer a student, but a teacher. Since about the age of 17 I knew that I wanted to make the same positive impact on the generations after me. Through Personal Best Hockey I hope not only to share my knowledge in hockey, but teach skills beyond the game as we build up both the player and person in every skater.


I'm excited to bring new skaters onto the ice and new fans into the rink,  as we grow this beautiful game right here in Belfast.

Kevin Raine