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Love Of The Game

Originally posted to Instagram in Feb 2022 Prior to accepting the job out at Migisi, I had a series of important phone calls with the likes of Steve Thornton and Adam Keefe.

These conversations would be to share my intention of staying close to home for the 20/21 season with interest to return to Belfast in 21/22.

It was those conversations that allowed me to trust and adjust from “get essential”, to “remain essential”.

While having unlimited access to ice all, thanks to the Migisi Sahgaigan community, I had a hard time making the most of it.

It’s a strange thing to be skating

By yourself

in January

in an empty rink

trying of staying sharp for a season that might not happen

That’s eight months away..

“What am I doing?”

While what would come was still uncertain: it’s moments like these with my buddy Dylan and his father Mike that bring the love of the game back in full force.

Since around 2015 I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate and team with Mike, who has become a mentor and friend of mine.

I can’t express enough how valuable Mike’s words and support have been at every step of the way, and I bring excitement and enthusiasm to our current collaboration seeing that I am his son Dylan’s trainer.

Dylan and I have been working together for a few summers now and I am excited to see what steps we’ll continue to take.

I’m privileged and fascinated by the idea that while Mike is able to mentor me, both him and I are able to team in building Dylan: the athlete, son, student, friend, and person.

The three of us make up a triangle that sees each point fostering both the teacher and the student within them.

The team we’re able to make — in combination with the teams that each of us make up — Is what I believe makes both the game, and life outside the game, so special.

A conversation between Mike and I can be found on HERE

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