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Both Kevin and Hope provide content creation and branding support to local businesses, big and small. They both have a passion for creating engaging photo and video content, plus Hope has over a decade of experience working in brand development for global brands. You can read more about her experience here


"All In A Day"

One-day content creation for your social media pages

We come into your business and, in less than one hour, take
video/photo footage of whatever you’d like to highlight (products, services, atmosphere, staff, etc.)

Content is shot on our phones for ease of editing and file transfer while. Editing takes a few hours.

In the end, you'll be given x4 postable reels, x10 edited photos and we'll also give you the full bank of unedited content for you
to keep and create with on your own!

For more information on this service, reach out! We'll send over our pitch deck with pricing options. 

Brand and content coaching

Want to know how to do it on your own? We'll show you how.

While we offer a "do it for you" model, we're always keen to go through a "do it with you" exercise to mentor, share skills, and empower you to make beautiful content for your own brand,


We'll teach you how social algorithms work, how to create content that encourages your customers to act, how you can use your phone to create high-quality visuals, and share resources for you to continue learning and growing. 

Mentorship can take place in a one-off meeting, or across a few meetings. The more time we have together, the more in-depth we'll be able to go!

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Brand Overhaul

Where we either start from scratch, or re-invent your existing brand.

This is a multi-disciplinary service where we explore not only the look of your brand (visual identity - logo, colours, fonts, photography, etc.) but the feel of your brand. 

How does your brand emotionally hook your customer? What is your strategic position among the competition? How do you stand out or encourage people to work with you/buy your product? What are your values and how do you ensure you're acting on them with every move you make? How do you create a strong company culture that reflects your vision? Having the answers to these questions is what separates okay brands from excellent brands.

With clear internal direction, we can build the external wrapping of your brand, creating an overall brand experience that your community can connect with. 

Contact Us

To work together on any brand or content work, please reach out to us directly.

We offer brand strategy and vision mapping, design work, creative direction, content creation, and project management if you'd like support in web development, marketing campaigns, content creation, packaging, and more.

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For our most recent, please head to @lovebelfast.

We create ongoing content for this channel, highlighting local businesses and events in Belfast.

Some businesses we've highlighted include:



A lot of brand work is proprietary and therefore we are not able to share full brand books. This is a sample of work we've produced, if you're interested in learning more, please reach out.
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