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Personal Best offers a range of coaching services and apparel, all encouraging one's continued pursuit of their very own Personal Best.


Whether you’re looking to embark on your fitness journey, improve your hockey skills, or are seeking support and accountability along your current path - we are excited to team up as together we shape your way forward.



I am the founder of Personal Best and in 2022, retired as a professional ice hockey player.

In my past experiences in the classroom, on the job site, in the gym, or at the rink: it’s been clear to me that I take the most pride in how I show up for my teammates.


Through my adventure chasing a better version of myself, I’ve acquired skills, training, and knowledge that I’m keen to share as I coach and support others toward their very own Personal Best.


My goal is to encourage everyone to compare themselves not to someone else, or an idealized version of themselves, but to the person in the mirror while enjoying and trusting the process every step of the way.

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