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"I've been involved with Kevin for years and have had to privilege of watching the Personal Best brand grow from inception until the present.  My son was Rainer's first client, and Kevin and I have become friends and so needless to say, I am a big supporter and advocate of both the guy and the brand.   That being said, this is the best, most comprehensive, easily digestible, and easy-to-work-through video skill tutorial I've ever seen!  The segments are far beyond what you'd expect in simply teaching stickhandling.  Over 9 phases, and close to 200 steps this is the foundation, the walls, the roof, and everything else in your puck control house, and hopefully, something to learn in terms of a repeatable in-depth blueprint in a pro's approach to improvement. The challenge in writing a testimonial for PB's off-ice stickhandling 101 is to sum it up briefly but I'll try to put it this way: I think it's worth twice what he's charging and I told him that. I'm telling you this is worth every penny.   If you want to be a better stick handler and get involved with the way Kevin attacks being his personal best, then start here, today."

- Mike Sveinson President Dryden GM Ice Dogs

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