What is Personal Best Hockey?

  • Founded by Kevin Raine, Personal Best Hockey is a means of growing the game in Northern Ireland. This is done by providing a platform allowing people and especially children a chance to play the game. 


When will camps be offered?

  • Personal Best Hockey looks to operate heavily through the offseason and summer months. Offering camps in our greatest volume during the months of June, July, and August. We are currently in talks with the Dundonald Ice Bowl negotiating terms to determine our ice times. 


What Problems are faced when growing the game in Belfast?

  • The greatest issue is ice time. Because there are only 2 ice rinks in all of Northern Ireland, the chance to play ice hockey is very slim. The Dundonald Ice bowl hosts 52 hours of public skating every week and so we look to influence the council to encourage more time for ice hockey and less time for public skating. This combined with mild climate, sees there is no chance to skate on outdoor ice as they do in countries where hockey is more popular. ​


I have my own equipment, can I use it?

  • If you have your own equipment, you can wear it! Upon registration for your selected camp you must either confirm “Yes i have my own equipment I wish to use”. If you select this and do not bring your gear then there may not be gear prepared and ready for you to use. 


I don’t have my own equipment, can I still play?

  • Yes! We have gear available for you to use! Upon registration for your selected camp you must select “No I do not have my own equipment” and do your best to provide us your sizing details. We will then have your gear ready for you when you arrive for camp!


What gear is required to skate? What gear is provided?

  • All skaters must wear the following: Helmet and cage, shin pads, elbow pads, gloves, stick, and skates. All of these pieces will be available for you to use if you need them. Skaters will also be required to wear long sleeve clothing. A tracksuit, or sweatpants and hoody are recommended.

What age do you need to be in order to play?

  • Personal Best Hockey looks to accomodate to all ages and skill levels from the age of 5 years old. Growing the game from its grassroots means that we will first ensure we are able to accommodate children looking to play before offering camps to older age groups. Stay tuned for when camps are being offered in your age range!



Who is allowed to skate?

  • Everyone! 

After registration, you will provide us with the information regarding your: age, health, equipment needs, and previous experience then you are welcome to join us on the ice during the session available to your age group! We encourage that before joining us on the ice, that you have previous experience in ice skating.