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Frequently asked questions

I was at the merch stand looking for ______ and they said they don't have it. Will you be getting more?

Let me look into this.

If a piece is unavailable on a game night: be sure to check back at the merchandise stands both upstairs and downstairs at the next game! If downstairs doesn't have it: upstairs just may!


The merchandise stand puts out a limited amount of the total inventory and don’t aim to pull from storage mid game. We're grateful for this as it ensures numbers stay accounted for until restocking for the following game night. 


If neither the upstairs or downstairs have anything available please call in again the next time you're at the game or shoot me a message for further investigation! 

Why aren't you at SPAR anymore?

Our time at Spar was amazing! 

However, all the hours spent at Spar has ultimately led us now to transition into the SSE. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time: I'm excited to bring Personal Best "in house" while offering an appearance every once and a while on the bridge during home games. Follow along on Instagram to see where I'll be! 

You speak openly on the topic of mental health: Do you have any qualifications?

I am an advocate and ambassador for mental health awareness.

I believe we all endure a degree of struggle and that nobody is exempt from encountering challenging emotions such as: uncertainty, overwhelm, grief, loss, sadness, anxiety, etc. In experiencing all of these, both currently and in times past, I have come to understand just how common and natural this all is. I have sought the help and guidance of professionals on many occasions and am not ashamed to share that I am currently in 1-1 weekly therapy. 

While I am not a doctor, I take my position as an advocate for mental health very seriously. I believe that it is my responsibility to speak with precision and to the best of my ability for the greatest of good. I am consistently updating my coaching training to best serve my clients (you can see these here).

My hope is that by creating discussion and encouraging openness, kindness, and compassion we are able to both seek and offer support to our communities. 

I'm in Canada but your prices are shown in "£": Am I able to pay in CAD?

YES! We actually have an entire page dedicated to this linked HERE.

Our merchandise is fulfilled by a drop shipping service that produces and ships Personal Best merchandise WORLDWIDE. While all prices are shown in British pounds (£), you will be charged at the current exchange rate with no additional or international fees. 

Do you offer coaching or personal training etc?

I'm always looking for ways I can help!

If this is of interest to you I'd be excited to hear about what you're looking for and we can see if working together is a fit! Send me a message whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or filling out the form on the "connect" page.

I'm excited for the potential to join you in your current pursuit of your very own Personal Best.

Are the products online the same as those offered at the SSE?

No, as they are produced in two different facilities.

The products offered online and at the SSE are part of two separate ranges.

Does PB Merchandise come in different colours?


While most products initially offer a black and white image: when clicking or tapping into the product you may then have the chance to select what colour you'd like! 

Looking for similar product in different colour? Shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do! :)

Can you make a wee video message for my friend's birthday?

I’d be happy to do that for you! 

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to make this happen for those that ask. I am privileged that in times of celebration folks have me in mind — as we team up making the occasion even more special. This is something I’m always happy to provide.

This does not come at any cost however if you wish to support as I get cracking on your video: please consider taking a browse through our wide range of Personal Best merchandise making for a great birthday gift to match the birthday wish. 

Where can I buy Personal Best merchandise?

There are 3 different ways you can find PB merch!

1. You can purchase through the website where we have all kinds of hoodies, tee shirts, accessories, bags, and more!

2. If you're local to Belfast: you can find PB sold at the merch stands in the SSE Arena during Belfast Giants home games.

3. If you're local to Dryden, you can find a range of Personal Best hats sold at Casually Hip.

Do you have childrens sizing?


When on the "Shop Gear" page you can apply the "kids" filter allowing you to see our ranges of childrens apparel. Our favourite is the "Be Kind Always" hoodie currently offered in: Blue, Pink, Black, or Grey!

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