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hockey skills

Off-Ice Skills and Drills

30-minute, 1-on-1 sessions with Kevin Raine

Do you want to try, learn, or excel at the game of ice hockey?


Whether looking for a bit of craic or looking to take things to another level -- the ability to join Kevin for off-ice shooting and stick handling will allow you to develop your game. 


Breaking down foundational skills, mechanics, technique, and ensuring you get tons of reps during your time coached by Kevin -- you will become a better stickhandler, shooter, and hockey player.

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As president of the Dryden GM Ice Dogs Jr A hockey club I have come to know Kevin Raine over the last several years as an alumni player, friend of the team, ambassador to the sport and trainer to my son.


Kevin has been a winner at every level of hockey from Minor through Junior to Pro, and I have no doubt that that will translate into his business as well. Personal Best is a company and philosophy that Rainer lives and breathes, and that will be the key to his success.


If you're dealing with Personal Best you're dealing with the genuine article, I guarantee it.

Mike Sveinson / Dryden, ON / Program: Mentorship, Off-Ice Hockey Skills Coaching, and Personal Training

We reached out to Rainer about off-ice lessons after he was recommended by a friend.


As parents, we couldn’t speak any higher of Kevin in terms of the professional and personal experience he brings to the table. Mason’s stick handling skills have improved above and beyond what we expected he would get out of the sessions. Kevin commits himself fully to the training sessions in terms of planning and precision and you can see that reflected in Mason. Kevin doesn’t just bring ice hockey to the table.


He offers emotional support for a growing boy, encouraging him to be the best he can be in all aspects of his life.We definitely recommend achieving your Personal Best with Rainer and can’t wait for Mason to continue his journey with him!

Kyle & Nicole Clayton / Belfast, UK / Program: 1-1 Off-Ice Stick Handling

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