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Originally posted to Instagram in January 2022

You remember uncle Russ? The one who got “first assist” when I scored the Miller job…

…watch this as he sets me up with this one.

My time at Migisi Sahgaigan School taught me an endless series of lessons around teamwork, communication, compassion, leadership, and controlling what you can control.

I learned how crucial it is that our youth are surrounded by mentors and teachers who set an example as well as meet them where they’re at.

Even more importantly: I learned how we too should approach each other in the same way.


I can’t thank the ABA team and the Migisi staff enough for their support offered to both myself and the students during our the 20/21 school year.

Ms. Barker, Ms. Marie, and Mr. Kivell. The list goes on..

Confidentiality leaves many blanks in the stories I could tell. What I will say is that this young man in these photographs changed my life.

We were able to create a bond that allowed for our collaboration and continuous progress.

🃏 He whooped me in UNO

🎣 He out-fished me.

♟ He taught me chess

🏀 He’s got wicked trick shots

💛 Most importantly he’s got a heart of gold.

Thank you C.

So how did I get here?

The day before my interview, as I awaited email confirmation and was hard at work: there was a family of 4 on the sidewalk of the street we were paving.

A stones throw from my uncle Russ’ house: it wasn’t long before he too was on the sidewalk with them.

And so “dun duh da-da da, duh duh” I played on the horn to get a rise out of the two little ones.

After answering a few questions from the cab I managed to jump down from the machine to show the kids how it worked.

The family and my uncle soon went their separate ways as I finished my days work and it was later that night I received the email arranging time and place for the Migisi interview.

It went something like..

“Sounds good Kevin. Starbucks at 1 o’clock suits just fine.”

PS. “Thanks for showing my boys your machine today: they loved it!”


The principal and my uncle are neighbors. It was him and his family on the sidewalk.

Uncle Russ

2GP: 0G 2A

“Mr. Raine”

“Applied Behavioural Analyst Assistant”

2GP: 2G 0A


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