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Brady Leavold: Sportsnet Feature

I don't know that there is a story being told more important than that of Brady Leavold.

I’m so incredibly proud of his work and commitment in spreading awareness and positivity throughout the hockey and mental health spaces. Linked HERE is his Sportsnet feature highlighting his journey of hockey, addiction, recovery, and mental health advocacy.

The feature is incredible. Moving, touching, awakening — there’s no doubt that one may personally resonate or think of a loved one while watching it. It is my understanding that his feature is Sportsnet’s longest ever — and deservedly so! The work this man puts in is beyond inspiring not just to me but MANY, many more within the hockey community and beyond.

A quick glimpse at his socials will showcase his dedication to public speaking, podcasting, on-ice coaching, and most importantly the evidence showcasing just how many lives he’s touched and the inspiration & hope he’s offered up through his efforts to share both what he has learned as well as his lived experiences.

If there's anything I've learned from Brady it is that less important than being a professional in your field -- is your willingness to become a professional in your field. That, more important than having the answers, is the courage we all possess in finding the answers.

How beautiful that a man seeking truth has shown others they are not alone. And, in doing so, has allowed them to see the truth while bringing them on the journey to find answers that they too might be looking for.

“To help just one person who can hear my story” – Brady’s “why” – has seen him never wavering away from telling his story.

This has seen whole hearted effort towards continuing to share, speak, and advocate for mental health and addictions awareness. His advocacy and willingness to jump into this ring, a willingness to have discussions, be curious, learn, and be vulnerable – have been the very things that have taken Brady from blunt and unpolished, into the sharp, composed, grounded, and trusted leader he is today.

His goals, regardless of how far, or how big, are and will continue to come to fruition with his willingness to learn and push forward no matter what.

Thank you for everything you do, Brady.

Keep going.

And “Just Keep Fighting” Watch Brady's Sportsnet Feature HERE

FOLLOW BRADY Follow Brady on Instagram @mentalhealthhockey

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I've been lucky enough to join Brady on his podcast twice! LISTEN OR WATCH OUR PODCASTS

Watch Brady and I's First Podcast HERE

Watch our Second Podcast HERE

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