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Let Your Light Shine

“Let Your Light Shine”

What does this mean?

What does it mean to shine?

How do we shine?

What does it mean NOT to?

To shine or not to shine?

Does “shine” mean to…

Expend positive energy outward?

Illuminate our surroundings?



Show interest?

Show love?



Take Action?



Think and speak without judgement, shame, blame, disgust?

Think and speak with intentions to uplift and build rather than tear down?

Is not shining…

The result of negative energy absorbed inward?

To have been dimmed by our experiences?

To stop creating?

To silence ourselves?

To not show interest?

To withhold love?

To take place at the sidelines?

To refrain from contributing?

To hold back?

To remain in place?

To be stuck?

Think and speak with judgement, shame, blame and disgust?

Think and speak with the intentions of highlighting the shortcomings of ourselves and others?

Is it true that…

Our light is not a constant?

In some cases it shines brightly?

In some cases it has a really hard time?

Is it true that we’re human?

Is it true that we’re not perfect?

Is it true that we can identify where we shine the brightest?

Is it true that we can identify where we don't?

Is it the case that we can show ourselves and others compassion for our imperfections?

Is it the case we can all shine brighter?

Is it the case that you can too?

If these questions all lead us to ask: “To shine or not to shine.” – I say:

“Let Your Light Shine — and Let The Sun Shine On Your Soul”

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 11, 2023

Liked your interesting comments and thoughts. Personally I believe we will identify in our own individual way. None of us are the same and we are open to influence over a broad spectrum of our emotional thoughts and state. Good suggestion to make a record of feelings. That way the movement of emotions can be revisited and positive thoughts can be built upon

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